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About Us

The Venn Story

We are creating a future of work filled with joy, meaning and purpose for everyone on the planet (that’s Earth, for now).

Hello there, are you looking for your dream job? 

Do you feel like you are in the right job, but the wrong company? Or that your one dimensional CV didn’t convey just what an awesome person you are and what you can do? Have you given up finding that seemingly elusive 

We work our algorithmic magic to find you jobs in companies you’ll actually like. 

We choose to work with innovative companies filled with great people doing even greater things. We visit their offices, ask nosy questions about their culture and generally figure out why and what kind of people thrive there.

We help you find your work home and your work tribe.

It’ll be fun, we promise.

About Our Service

For Job Seekers

Are you bored and frustrated of going to regular job boards filled with hundreds of listings with no clue as to what the job and company is about? Are you constantly waiting and wondering if your application even got through to the hiring manager?

Well, keep calm and carry on, because here at Venn, we match you up only with jobs and companies that suit your interests and strengths, so the only thing you need to focus on is being awesome at doing good work.

We also act as your insider peek to the companies and the people behind them, and fast track your application if you are a strong potential fit. 

For Employers

Isn’t it annoying and frustrating going through hundreds of unsuitable resumes with very little clue as to whether someone is the right fit for the role and your company? Have you been disappointed when an applicant who looks good on paper turns out to a dud in person?

We provide a way for you to customise your search in such a way that you can find suitable candidates in a fraction of the time. And what’s more, we make you look good while doing it. 

Hit us up at hello@vennjobs.com to learn more.